The importance of reading books

As a book lover, I enjoy creating my own worlds out of the descriptions I get while reading books. There is nothing worse than a closed mind and those who do not read don’t know what they’re missing out. Oh, and by reading, I don’t mean Sparks’ silly novels about unconditional love that always end up with someone dying, or that shopaholic girl whose biggest doubt is whether she should get the red pair of shoes, or the magenta one. I’m talking about classics, novels that will actually activate your mind and make you question your existence and purpose in life. I am talking about books that you can actually learn something from. Personally, I enjoy reading old Russian classics. There is something fascinating about Russia in the dark ages. Forbidden love, corruption, pride and violence centered in both Russia’s suburban areas and the breathtakingly amazing castles during the cold winter nights are descriptions that take you to different places, letting you create a world for yourself and your characters. And when your world collides with the one created by the author, you can expect nothing but excitement and compassion as time goes by. Classics aside, even nowadays you can find some amazing books if you would search for them in the right places. There is a small bookstore in my hometown that I consider my wonderland. Last week, I was very excited when I finally found “A Clockwork Orange” by Anthony Burgess, and I only paid half the price! Unfortunately, I am very busy with work right now, so I can’t read the book. Honestly, I can’t wait for the weekend to come, so that I can finally relax, eat my favorite vanilla-flavored cookies and drink my morning coffee in my backyard while reading my new book. I have not read one in weeks.